AXO Salutes You!

Present and past members of the Armed Forces are welcome to be a part of our family and receive up to 40% discounted prices on AXO products. We want our heroes in uniform to recognize our unmatched support for their courage, strength and determination. To access your special pricing please log in or create an account (if you are new). Please read our FAQ for more info.


We salute our military and to show appreciation for their service, AXO America is providing a special offer available exclusively to the members of our U.S. Military. To qualify for this offer, just complete our secure verification process. Have some questions about that process? You've come to the right place.

How do I know if I am eligible for this offer?

This AXO discount is currently offered to all Active-Duty and Military Retirees, including their registered dependents, Veterans, Reservists and members of the National Guard.

Why do I have to go through a verification process?

You are submitting a request to a program reserved specifically for the men and women in our United States Military. For quality control purposes, and to ensure only those people who fall under the required conditions are able to obtain this special offer, we have a very short qualification process, managed by SheerID, we ask you to participate in. All information collected is strictly controlled and is never shared outside the context of this particular verification request.

Who is SheerID?

SheerID is a third-party verification service that works on behalf of retailers to verify military credentials. For information on our services, visit us at

What kind of proof do you require?

We accept a wide variety of readily available forms of documentation. We are looking for an official document that clearly shows your first & last name and an affiliation with the military. We strongly suggest any documentation sent to us have sensitive information blacked out before it is uploaded to our system. Uploading documentation to us is optional, but without something to verify your credentials, we will be unable to successfully complete your request.

I don't want to do this online, how can I talk to a real person?

Currently, this offer is only being verified via our online service. Our safe and secure process is the fastest way to complete your verification and successfully access your offer. If you have extenuating circumstances, please contact SheerID at

How do I know you won't sell or share my ID and information?

This is something we take incredibly seriously. SheerID will only use your information to confirm your identity for this one event. They do not store your information. They do not sell your information. Once they have verified your military status, the information gathered from you via form, email or otherwise is purged from their database. Completely and totally.

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SheerID privacy policy

I have questions about SheerID that aren't covered here. Can you help me?

Yes, of course! You can contact them directly by emailing Someone from the SheerID office will be in contact with you within 24 business hours. Or you can contact us at

What happens if I can't prove I'm in the military?

This rarely happens. All military service men and women are given some kind of official document that we'll accept, but on the occasion you cannot provide us any acceptable proof of validation or credentials, we will not be able to allow you to access the offer.

But to be clear, if you are currently in the military, have served previously in the military or if you are a registered dependent, you have a document we can verify.