Joy of Riding


b. 1986, HK.



Our Mission

To develop, manufacture and distribute apparel, footwear and accessories for motorsport and cycle riding, for every level of riding skills: from beginner to champion. To help riders achieve and go beyond their limits in sports, thus better defining who they are as persons and enrich their lives and well being through the activity of those sports.

Our Vision

To expand our brand awareness so that AXO will be seen on every Country in the World with a motorcycle race track.

To become a Worldwide leading brand in the motorsport and cycle riding accessories market

Our Values

Financial wisdom: financials are the indicator of our current activity, the mirror of our past activity and the premises to our future.

People: shareholders, employees, business partners, stakeholders and athletes associated with AXO are one team, leading our company. They all benefit from the enthusiasm of working for AXO and simultaneously they are the ones bringing enthusiasm into the company.

Sport: sport is not just our business: it is part of our lives helping us actively understand our business and increasing our well being. Innovation: innovation is to be developed in every aspect of our business: products, services and all of our activities.

Our Name

AXO is from the Italian "asso", which stands for ace or the winner. The "ss" was changed to "X" because our very first products were MX boots.

AXO in the beginning was also written with the 3 Greek letters Alpha Chi Omega and that adds another meaning. Alpha and Omega are the first and last letter of the Greek alphabet and they are also meant to represent the beginning and the end. Therefore AXO is a complete choice in the X sports.


AXO Sport was established in 1978 and immediately became industry leader in footwear, clothing and protective apparel for motorcycle enthusiasts. Initially focused on the off-road, AXO quickly broadened its range of products. Today AXO provides its customers with a full set of gear from head-to-toe for street and motocross riding. AXO’s range of products is constantly evolving; new and innovative items are developed daily, to suit the needs and ever-changing tastes in the motorcycle apparel market. Super-moto and free-styling are now part of AXO’s priorities and a mountain-bike collection has recently been added to AXO’s catalogue. Not to mention the casual collection, which suits motorcycle lovers when off the bike.

In 2003 AXO America Inc. was established to serve the American continent and Oceania; it is a vibrant commercial center and an important R&D location. Based in California, AXO America researches the American market at the core, to expand and improve AXO’s collection and explore international trends.

AXO sponsors riders in MotoGp, Superbike, Supercross, Motocross, Supermoto and other side championships. AXO products have been developed for the past thirty years with the contribution of world champions such as Jeff Stanton, Jeremy Mc Grath, Ricky Carmichael, Loris Capirossi, James Toseland, Ivan Lazzarini, Antonio Cairoli, Sylvain Guintoli and many others, who gave us strong emotions and great results.


1978 AXO is established manufacturing Motocross footwear for the American market and the European market

In the early eighties AXO becomes internationally known for MX boots, apparel and protectors.

1984 AXO develops the number one motocross boot TURBO and becomes 125cc

Motocross World Champion with rider Michele Rinaldi.

1990 AXO develops its first helmet, RX1

AXO Rider Jeff Stanton becomes Supercross World Champion 250cc

AXO Rider Alex Puzar becomes World Champion 250cc

1995 The range of products broadens with full face helmets

AXO Rider Stefan Everts becomes Motocross World Champion 250cc

AXO Rider Stefan Everts wins the Nations Trophy

1996 AXO reaches a new peak using innovative technologies and introduces the

carbon-fibre helmet shells

Also in 1996 AXO's founder sells 50% of the shares of AXO Sport SPA to the current owner, Bruno Zago. In early 1998 he will also sell the remaining 50%

1997 AXO introduces street riding apparel and expands the range of products

1998 AXO rider Loris Capirossi becomes MotoGp World Champion 250cc

1999 AXO rider Emilio Alzamora becomes MotoGp World Champion 125cc

2002 AXO rider Chicco Chiodi wins the Nations Trophy

AXO rider Warwick Nowland is again the Endurance World Champion

2003 AXO rider Neil Hodgson, becomes Superbike World Champion.

2003 AXO America Inc. is established, with a license agreement with AXO Sport SPA for the manufacturing and distribution of AXO's products in the American continent as well as Australia and New Zealand.

AXO develops, in collaboration with 12 European female riders the AXO4Women Collection

2004 AXO rider James Toseland becomes Superbike World Champion

AXO introduces a Mountain-bike collection.

2005 AXO rider Gerald Delepine becomes Supermoto World Champion

2006 AXO rider Marc Coma wins the 28th edition of the Paris-Dakar Competition

2007 AXO rider Steve Ramon wins the MX1 World Championship

2008: AXO presents the first ever motorcycle boot featuring the BOA lacing system closure on the Lancer racing boot. An innovation that has changed the fit and comfort of AXO footwear

2008: AXO celebrates 30 years of business with a beautiful Gala event in Venice for 150 guests

2009: Ivan Lazzarini wins the gold medal at the World Supermoto X Games in Los Angeles, California, wearing AXO.

2009: AXO partners up with lifestyle clothing company Diesel and creates the 55DSL limited edition MX Apparel line.

2010: Argentinian brothers Alejandro and Marcos Patronelli finish first and second on the Dakar Race riding the four wheelers class. They both wear AXO apparel.

2011-2013 and going: World MX Champion Tony Cairoli choses to wear AXO apparel and wins his 5th and 6th World Title.

2011: AXO and Tony Cairoli release their first line of MX apparel together, the TC222 line sold worldwide.

2011: First in the industry, AXO partners up with Warner Bros for the license of some of its most famous characters on Motocycle apparel and helmets. The success is huge and leads to other inspiring partnerships and license agreements.

2012: AXO introduces the Aragon: the first road racing boot with no zipper and no buckles. The wrapping around the foot and ankle closure is guaranteed by the BOA lacing system.

2013: AXO’s rider Marcos Patronelli wins his second Dakar race wearing AXO.

2014: Antonio Cairoli wins his 8th Championship title wearing the AXO Motion gear while Sylvain Guintoli wins his 2nd World SBK GP on AXO leather suit, gloves and boots.

2015: AXO wins the Italian Supermoto Championship with rider Ivan Lazzarini, who is also runner up in the World Supermoto championship that same year.

2016: Argentinian brothers Marcos and Alejandro Patronelli win the famous Dakar race on their Yamaha four wheeler wearing AXO motocross gear